5 Significant Reasons to Start Using Vertical Video on Social Media

Recently, vertical video has become increasingly popular, not only among users but also among advertisers. The trend appeared along with the widespread use of smartphones and the growth of mobile users. It has grown to such an extent that vertical videos already exceed horizontal ones on 94%. The reason for this is that people keep their phones vertically while consuming content from smartphones. So vertical video is known as the best sales video.

What are the benefits of using Facebook vertical video?

Today, people rarely use a desktop computer to access social networks. As show practice, people most often access them from mobile devices. It means that in most cases, they keep a smartphone or tablet vertically, and according to this, all the vertical content is more beneficial. To hold the smartphone, by the way, is also more convenient and more natural in a vertical orientation, and the second hand will be free.

Do not worth to forget that people use smartphone watch not only the video but also shoot it. The operator does not have to turn and risk the smartphone during the shooting, as the potential clients during the viewing. Such a thing makes the vertical video more beneficial for both an operator and a viewer.

A user who scrolls through the tape on social networks, hold the phone vertically. If a person suddenly sees a horizontal advertisement, unlikely he or she will turn the phone horizontally to take a closer look at what is being offered to him. And this may lead to the fact that the movie will make less impression on him or not be open at all.

The advertiser has a few seconds to interest the buyer. For this reason, very important is to focus on the main items of the proposed product or service. Such a thing may be vertical video Facebook more beneficial because it takes up the entire screen. It means that it allows the user to focus on the goods.

All the beautiful high-rise buildings, statues, sculptures, often objects of interior and objects of art are vertical. Such type of shooting concentrates all the attention of the viewer only on the proposed purpose. The fact remains the fact: in this format, the client feels more psychologically oriented on the product. By the way, very important is that such type of video is less expensive than horizontal.

So the massive spread of smartphones and tablets has led to the emergence and rapid popularity of a vertical video. Every day more and more people shoot vertical videos. The audience perceives it favorably and trusts more than carefully verified horizontal rollers. Besides for advertisers, the development and filming of such videos are often much cheaper than horizontal. In general, the vertical start video is more beneficial in all aspects.