“It’s a Grooms World” – Focusing on Trends for the Groom and his Men

The bride does tend to get most attention driven her way and we are totally on board with this, after all, it is a women’s privilege to have everyone gasping at her flawless hair and make-up, not to mention that incredible gown. However, we felt it was time to blog about the groom and his fellow men. After all, we do need to make sure they look the part and are fully prepared and preened for the big day ahead. Plus we think it would be great for you to have some ideas to please the male guest list with a few tricks up your sleeves like a Movember cake and a whiskey/cigar bar.

So to help all clueless grooms, here are our top trends to watch out for and some inspirational snappies to get you excited about your big role in the venue.

1. Boutonnieres

They have never faded away and have always been worn by the groom and his party but in recent years they have taken a creative turn and with so many options now on the market here are some of our favs. Make sure you link it to your theme guests will be sure to note the subtlety of your choice and its such a clever way to make use of colors or even characters.

2. Bow Ties

Many men are going back to the classic bow tie and we think they look pretty cool. There is such a huge range of styles to choose from these days so stick with something that either suit you and your style or with a specific theme that your lady has chosen, for example, if bouquets are going to be lavender and ivory then go with that.

3. Footwear

You don’t just have to go with the traditional shiny shoes, why not go for something that reflects you and your personality and if you’re finding it hard to convince the bride just point out how great it will look on a stylish photo-shoot. If you do however want to stick with tradition then why not add something to the soles of your feet to melt your ladies heart.

4. Cufflinks

Like boutonnieres there are so many options now, so make sure they follow the same rules as before. We do however love these for the father of the bride and yes it is important not to forget him, as he is possibly the most important man amongst the groomsmen.

5. A Pop of Colour

Finally don’t be afraid to experiment with some color and don’t feel the need to only wear dark traditional colors especially when it comes to the spring and summer months. Play around with pastel shades and keep things young and trendy, plus you’re more likely to find lighter softer fabrics in these colors ideal for warmer months.

Remember this is your day too and I think I can safely say on behalf of pretty much all women that we also want you to be happy with the plans and to also contribute your own ideas and thoughts on one of the biggest days of your lives together.