Mezzanine Storage Platform as a Good Investment

Hard Labour Rating:  5/10 (an extra pair of hands may be necessary)

Skills Level Rating: 5/10 (requires the use of power tools) Time Required:  about four hours (excluding drying time)

Cost:  ±$5000. If you are planning more projects and right now thinking about the budget then also check out the current personal loan interest rates.

Project Notes

The single garage-width structure can be constructed to one side of a double garage in order to better convey visually. Instead of fixing truss hangers on both sides (as one would in a single garage scenario) you can include a crossbeam and upright post to assist in showing the structure in cross-section.

The step instructions below refer to a mezzanine platform measuring 2440mm x 1220mm x 1200mm (in height). You may want to place your storage platform higher or lower depending on the height of your car’s bonnet – or make it deeper or wider depending on the length of the bonnet or the specific width of your garage.

A sheet of plywood measures 2440mm by 1220mm, which should be adequate for a platform in a single garage. Weight-bearing beams should not be spaced more than 400mm apart.

Shopping List:

  • One sheet of 18mm plywood for the platform and 6 x 3000mm x 144mm x 38mm treated pine planks for the framework.
  • 2440mm x 1220mm plywood sheet cut into three panels measuring 810mm x 1220mm to facilitate transportation.

Other Items:

  • six 38mm truss hangers
  • eighteen 60mm x 10mm wall plugs
  • (fifteen) 100mm x 10mm coach screws
  • twelve 60mm x 10mm coach screws
  • ± fifty 8 x 45mm chipboard screws
  • multi-surface primer and enamel paint (optional)


  • pencil
  • measuring tape
  • spirit level
  • handsaw
  • cordless drill and 8mm drill bit
  • electric impact drill and 5mm, 10mm masonry bits
  • shifting spanner or socket spanner

Get started

1. Measure the height and length of your car’s bonnet. You should calculate your platform height (1200mm) by adding the beam width (144mm) and the platform thickness (18mm) to the height of the vehicle’s bonnet (1000mm). Remember to include a clearance (space between the bonnet and structure) of at least 50mm. Taking into account the length of the car’s bonnet, your platform depth must measure 1200mm. This allows for clearance of 100mm between the platform and the windscreen when the car is parked. After that divide 1200mm by 400mm which means you will need three support beams in addition to a beam fixed to the wall along the back of the garage. Draw lines on the wall (along with the sides and back of the garage) to mark out the position of the platform. Use the spirit level to ensure that all lines are perfectly level. Then also mark out the positions of the truss hangers.

2. Measure the width of your garage and cut the required number of 144mm x 38mm beams (see project note) to length using the handsaw. Drill at least five equally spaced holes along the length of one of these beams using the cordless drill and 8mm drill bit. Place the beam along the back wall below the markings for the platform and use a pencil to mark the positions of these holes onto the wall. Use the electric impact drill and drill bit(s) to drill 60mm deep holes at these marks to create holes for the wall plugs. Push the wall plugs into the holes.


Wrap a piece of insulation tape around the drill bit 60mm from the tip. This will serve as a basic depth guide and give an indication of when to stop drilling.


To facilitate the drilling process use the 5mm masonry drill bit followed by the 10mm masonry drill bit.

3. Fix the plank firmly to the back wall using the five 100mm x 10mm coach screws, as shown. Make sure that the plank sits perfectly level. NOTE This image shows the end of the plank. This would ordinarily sit flush with the side of the (single) garage.

4. Use the electric impact drill and masonry drill bits to drill the holes needed to mount the truss hangers. Use the same method of first drilling a smaller 5mm pilot hole followed by the 10mm hole, as in step 2.

5. Use the 60mm x 10mm wall plugs and coach screws to fix the truss hangers in position against the wall, as shown.


You would duplicate this process on either side of a single garage.

6. Place the required number of beams into the truss hangers.

NOTE Here we show the crossbeam and upright mentioned in the project notes. Should you wish to construct a storage platform across half of your double garage, this is the structure you would need. The beams are fixed to the cross beam with 100mm x 10mm coach screws after first drilling 5mm pilot holes.

7. Place the 810mm x 1220mm x 18mm plywood sections on top of the structure.

8. Use the cordless drill and 8x45mm chipboard screws to fix the plywood panels to the beams. Should you decide to paint the platform, first coat with a multisurface or wood primer followed by enamel paint.