The Best Crystals for Inner Truth: Speak Your Truth

Do you have difficulty expressing your feeling or speaking your truth? Do you feel sad and stressed? If the answer is “yes”, you should know that your throat chakra is a bit unbalanced. Fortunately, there are many healing stones to help you with it (if you lack creativity, pay attention to this creative bracelet).

1.   Chrysocolla 

This healing crystal is one of the most effective stones to teach a person speaking the truth.  It is a great balancing tool that is highly effective to awake the hidden feelings, awake emotions, mind and promotes forgiveness. In times of emotional chaos or instability, use or wear this healing stone. Chrysocolla is an effective healing crystal that can connect to you with your feeling. As a result, it will encourage you to speak your truth with the feeling of sincerity.

2.   Carnelian 

Carnelian gemstone is the stone that is specially used to encourage initiative, courage, and endurance. These are great stones that encourage courage and awaken sensitivity. As a result, you will teach yourself to listen to your feeling and emotions, thereby making you tell the truth to yourself.

3.   Shungite

This is a well know crystal especially for scientists, researchers, and practitioners. It is known for its powerful healing energy that leads to its ability to promote purification on all levels. This great gemstone brings harmony and balance. It cannot only a clean mind but also body and spirit. Do you lack harmony and peace? Shungite stone can help you with it. This gemstone is also known to promote honesty, patience, building peace and faith, encouraging charity, politeness, generosity to others.

4.   Yellow Aventurine

Yellow Aventurine will help you to open your hidden talents. It will boost self-confidence and brevity. If you are exhausted because of your past that does not allow you to live by the present, then you should immediately turn to Yellow Aventurine. With the help of this crystal, you will be able to let go of the past and embolden the truth. Use this stone for meditating. As a result, it will help you clear blockages and negative energy gets rid of fears, anxiety, stress, depression and the other energy that does not allow you to enjoy your life.

5.   Blue Calcite 

It is a well-known fact that all the stones, which have a blue color, can promote the inner desire to tell the truth yourself. Blue Calcite is not an exception. This healing stone has strong calming properties. It can soothe negative energy, anxiety, stress, and emotional instability. It inspires positive thinking and promotes positive energy.

Keep in mind that everything depends on you as well as your desire to change or improve your character. The above-listed gemstones are only assistants to implement your desires. However, you should note that you can reach nothing without a strong will to achieve your goal.