What to Do If an iPad Gets Disabled By Too Many Passcode Entries?

Nowadays, the tablet has become a very popular device and this is not strange because it is very functional. With the help of the tablets people can communicate, text, calculate, take photos, listen to music, watch videos and, of course, play games. This device is not popular only among children or teens but also adults. For a lot of big companies, this is the main tool for work. The most popular tablet is iPad and very often people are faced with a problem of disabled iPad because of many wrong passcode entries. Sometimes people set passwords and forget them the next day. They do not know what to do and how to unlock disabled iPad. In such a case there are two ways, the first is to try to fix it yourself, and the second is applying to a specialized company such as Data Recovery Ohio.

How to unlock iPad without password and get access to the data?

If you 6 times enter a wrong password, the device will be blocked. You will see a message on the screen “iPad is disabled try again in 15 minutes”. The bad thing is if you do not make a backup before the password was lost because there is no chance that you will recover data.

If your phone synchronizes with iTunes, there is the possibility to restore the information. You can do it while the iPad is disabled with no problem. First of all, you need to connect your tablet to the PC with which the device is synchronized with the help of USB. The program will make a backup of all your data. When this process is over you should click the option “recover”. Then choose your tablet and click “recover from iTunes”.

If you are not a confident user you can apply to Apple Service Center. The workers will help you to recover data. But there are cases when you can restore the necessary files yourself. Fortunately, nowadays you can apply to a specialized company.

To avoid such an unpleasant situation you should be very careful with setting a password. Of course, a complicated passcode is good for safety but do not exclude the probability that you can just forget it. Almost every one of us at least once in a lifetime forgets a password from a social network or mail. There are also cases when people write it down on a sheet of paper or in the notebook and they are absolutely confident that it is very helpful. But what to do if you forget a passcode and lost a sheet a paper where it was written?

Anyway, you should set a reliable and at the same time simple password. Approach to this issue very responsible because this depends on the safety of your data.